Deanery Workshop and Phantom of the Opera!

(Reviews and photographs)

My review of the Phantom of the Opera

On Friday 24th October 2014 Year 6 went on a magnificent trip to the Deanery High School.  When we arrived we headed straight to an interesting art class.  We discussed about masquerade balls and how they used to dress up in strange clothes.Excitedly, we then went into a huge hall where we played a range of fun games.We worked in groups to make a freeze frame and our team had two boys on it from the Deanery High School.

Then we had lunch.  After that we sang a brilliant song which was from the Phantom of the Opera.


                Paper faces on parade


               Hide your face so the world will never find you


                Every face a different shade


               Look around there’s another mask behind you. 

We practised some awesome actions then we went to the art room again and made our masks with the right equipment.  I had an astonishing time especially the part when we all wore our masks, sang the songs and did the actions.

By Sarah.


Phantom of the Opera

My trip to the Deanery High School was all about the Phantom of the Opera.  All year six went and we made masks, then after dinner we acted out a scene and learnt a verse from the Phantom of the Opera.  I like art, so I really loved making the masks; however acting and singing aren’t my favourite, although I still really enjoyed it.

Excitingly somebody won a prize for the best acting. The prize was a Phantom of the Opera DVD, which someone in my class won. Overall my day at the Deanery was extremely exciting and I loved it a lot.

By Megan

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