Mission Statement

Canon Sharples is a Christ centred school that aims to place the curriculum within a Christian setting. We hope, in such a way, to inspire our pupils to grow in a personal understanding of all that it means to be human through the acquisition of skills, beliefs, attitudes and values.

We aim to be a school where all can achieve and become happy, confident, well motivated and independent learners. We aim to encourage our pupils to enrich both their own lives and the lives of others by the application of all that they have learned.


School Aims

Spirituality and Faith

  • To place Collective Worship at the centre of our school life and create a climate in which each child’s faith will develop.
  • To develop an awareness amongst our children of the spiritual dimension to life.
  • To give every child experiences through which they can discover the awe and wonder of God’s creation.
  • To preserve and develop our Anglican character by promoting Christian beliefs, values and responsibilities through the experiences offered.

Personal Qualities

  • To develop the self-discipline and self-confidence of each child, enabling them to contribute towards our Christian corporate ethos.
  • To encourage each child to develop pride in self, in their own achievements and the school family.
  • To foster initiative, reliability, tolerance, mutual respect and an awareness of the value of caring for others and our environment.


  • To produce an environment and atmosphere that fosters a love of learning and meets the needs of all our children.
  • To provide a secure and Christ centred school in which staff and children will be encouraged to develop their full creative, intellectual, social, physical and spiritual potential.
  • To identify and nurture talent and to pursue high standards.
  • To help children acquire knowledge and skills relevant to their future life in a rapidly changing world.

Wider Community

  • To promote partnership, mutual respect, and understanding in our relationships with the community.
  • To be welcoming to parents and visitors.
  • To promote our school’s values and achievements.